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Travel through space and in custom time spans to observe the magic of the universe with the help of this powerful and fun application

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Celestial bodies have once served as means of orientation to help us easily travel without aid from modern technology. Nowadays, the magic of the night sky can rarely be viewed due to various factors. However, with the help of applications such as X-Celestia you can enjoy and study the universe on the go, or from the comfort of your desktop.

View from multiple observation points

Running the application brings up a rather simplistic interface. Except for the upper toolbar which is home to all available features. Nearly all the workspace is dedicated to let you get a better and clearer view of the universe.

Furthermore, you can split the preview section either vertically or horizontally in a nearly unlimited number of parts. Each newly created section is controlled separately so you can set observation points from different parts of the universe.

Take a tour around the solar system

Probably one of the first steps you might want to take when running the application is a tour around the galaxy. This gives the application full control over the camera movement and displays info on nearly each visited location.

Moreover, the application gives you the possibility to record your own trajectories either with images or a video in case you want to share specific views with your friends or the general public. Additionally, you are able to save favorite locations with the help of a bookmarks manager and easily visit them with a simple mouse click.

To end with

All in all, X-Celestia is a handy and practical application you can use in case you ever decide to get to know our planet's surroundings a little better. It provides real time movement of celestial bodies and multiple view types in order to give you full control over what it has to offer.

X-Celestia was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on July 2nd, 2014
X-Celestia - This is the main user interface of the application where you can start exploring the solar system.X-Celestia - Choose the File menu of X-Celestia to open a script, mark local group galaxies, show redshifts of galaxies,X-Celestia - In the Navigation menu of X-Celestia you can take a tour guide, center the selection or go to a specific object.X-Celestia - The time menu is where you can use the 10 times faster or 10 times slower functions.X-Celestia - screenshot #5X-Celestia - screenshot #6X-Celestia - screenshot #7X-Celestia - screenshot #8X-Celestia - screenshot #9X-Celestia - screenshot #10