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Open source web browser for a safer, faster and more stable way to experience the Internet, providing a tab-based window, download and bookmark management

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Chromium is the application that serves as the foundation for Chrome, with Google's developers improving the software and adding a bunch of enhancements.

However, Chromium isn't too far off the application that was thrown in the battle against Firefox and Internet Explorer. Chromium is actually a lighter Chrome that provides almost the same performance and functionality as Google's tool.

The interface is identical to Chrome's and in addition, it has the exact options as its more popular sibling, as well as extension and theme support. While the asymmetries between the two browsers are not that many, the ones that do apply make quite a difference.

Unlike Chromium, Chrome also comes with an integrated flash player, the company's autoupdate function that's being used in many downloadable tools plus some other improvements to help the software rise up to the expectations.

Despite the contrasts between the two, Chromium is actually a pretty fast browsing solution. It's true that its simplicity may not captivate the whole crowd and some users might feel the need for some features that are only available in Google's very own tool.

After the tests we performed, we came down to one conclusion: it is only up to you and your needs. In case you're looking for a simple web browser that helps you do just that, browse the Internet, then this might be a great tool for you.

Chromium was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 31st, 2015
Chromium - You can access Chromium whenever you want to browse your favorite webpages in tabsChromium - The tab right-click menu is the place where you can duplicate the current tab, pin it or close itChromium - The menu of Chromium enables you to launch a new incognito window or explore the bookmarksChromiumChromiumChromiumChromiumChromiumChromiumChromiumChromium

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