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A compact and portable alternate web browser with unique privacy features that allow you to navigate the web securely without ads or pop-ups

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QtWeb Portable is a modern Internet Browser that stands out through its light weight, speed and enhanced security, appropriate for any computer due to a low dependency level.

Similar to Chrome and Safari, QtWeb Portable is built upon the Qt Framework, which means performance at the cost of little or no requirements. It is an open source project, fit for use inside homes, as well as organizations.

QtWeb Portable is a replica of QtWeb (installer edition), sporting the same feature set with the difference that the portable version is less invasive and can be carried around on a removable drive and launched on any machine.

As any other respectable browser, QtWeb Portable sports a set of basic browsing functions common to most navigators, on top of which a unique architecture is built.

Therefore, you will be experimenting with a multi-tabbed environment, in which you can manage your browsing history, handle bookmarks and search the web. Other highlights include an option to render compatibility with other browsers, a virtual keyboard, a web inspector and extensive support for text encoding.

However, the feature that makes it unique is neither of the above, but it is materialized in the collection of privacy tools. These allow you to disable various elements such as JavaScript, cookies, pop-ups, as well as to enable proxy use or to start a private browsing session.

Further settings related to cookies and web content are made available inside the Settings window, where you can also make contact with the built-in ad blocker that shields you from annoying advertisements.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience with QtWeb Portable. It is a compact and reliable browser that makes use of very little resources during its runtime. Although it scored only half of Chrome’s rating on the HTML5 test, you can still rely on it for common web tasks.

QtWeb Portable was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 7th, 2014
QtWeb Portable - QtWeb Portable will provide users with a compact alternate web browser with unique privacy featuresQtWeb Portable - The File menu will help you quickly and easily open tabs, files, locations, import or export bookmarksQtWeb Portable - Users will be able to set the application's interface style, hide various bars or select the text encoding within the View menuQtWeb Portable - screenshot #4QtWeb Portable - screenshot #5QtWeb Portable - screenshot #6QtWeb Portable - screenshot #7QtWeb Portable - screenshot #8QtWeb Portable - screenshot #9

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