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An application that allows you to create a portable Skype installation and run it from a USB flash drive, being able to migrate your profile and settings

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Skype Portable Launcher is a very efficient and versatile application that can turn your standard Skype installation into a portable one, allowing you to carry it on a removable drive and launch it on any computer without affecting its system registry.

The perks of having portable packages not just for Skype, for any application that you use often, are huge. By relying on such an approach, your system won’t become bloated with unnecessary files and registry settings that aren’t removed on a standard uninstallation process.

Skype Portable Launcher offers you this advantage, being able to transport Skype, together with your profile(s) on a removable device, minimizing user efforts to just a few clicks.

It’s important to understand that this program is not a replacement for Skype, but it uses an existing installation in order to create the portable archive. Therefore, in order to carry out the results, it is required to install Skype prior to running it.

It shouldn’t have any problem identifying your Skype profile, but if it fails to do so, you can provide it with the path to its installation folder. Once everything has been validated, the application starts making all the necessary copies on the selected drive, in an individual directory.

Once this process is done, you can uninstall Skype altogether, especially that you now have a portable package to rely on. Another benefit of the program is that it can automatically check for Skype updates, allowing you to get your portable installation up to date on the spot.

All in all, Skype Portable Launcher comes across as a very simple and convenient method of obtaining a to-go version of Skype, being able to copy your profile as well, so that you don’t have to configure the IM all over again.

Skype Portable Launcher was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 2nd, 2013
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