DavMail GateWay Portable

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A portable exchange gateway that supports multiple mail protocols, enabling you to access different e-mail clients and unify all your address books




DavMail GateWay Portable is an exchange gateway that provides instant access to any e-mail client with an Exchange server.

DavMail GateWay Portable comes with support for multiple protocol types, including POP, IMAP, SMTP, Carddav, Caldav and LDAP. In case you are using more than one e-mail clients, DavMail GateWay Portable enables you to create a single, unified address book that contains all your contacts.

You can also download DavMail GateWay (installer version)
Last updated on February 27th, 2015
DavMail GateWay Portable - DavMail GateWay Portable runs in the system tray and allows you to configure it using the context menu.DavMail GateWay Portable - The Settings window of DavMail GateWay Portable allows users to change the local ports and the used protocol.DavMail GateWay Portable - DavMail GateWay Portable can be set to use proxy connections in order to hide your identity.DavMail GateWay PortableDavMail GateWay PortableDavMail GateWay Portable

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