Portable Proxomitron

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The application is a local HTTP web-filtering proxy





The application is a local HTTP web-filtering proxy that sits between your web browser and the Internet at large, intercepting all requests for web pages before your browser gets to see them - allowing for everything to be monitored, and possibly changed, by you first

The Proxomitron allows you to control the normally hidden HTTP header messages that pass between your browser and the outside world.

Here are some key features of "Portable Proxomitron":

■ Stop windows that pop-up, pop-under, or pop-over
■ Stop those un-closable endless banner chains
■ Stop pop-up JavaScript message boxes
■ Remove web-branding and other scripts tacked on by "free" web providers.
■ Convert most ads and banner pictures into simple text links
■ Freeze all animated gifs
■ Make blinking text appear as bold instead
■ Remove slow web counters
■ Stop web pages from "auto-refreshing"
■ Prevent pages from changing fonts
■ Get rid of or replace web page background images
■ Protect against getting "trapped" inside someone else's frames!
■ Make all frames resizable
■ Close top or bottom frame banner windows
■ Protect against getting "trapped" inside someone else's frames!
■ Make background MIDI songs play only when you choose.
■ Remove status bar scroll-texts
■ Remove "dynamic" HTML from pages
■ Disguise your browser's identity and version from JavaScripts
■ Remove style sheets
■ Un-hide URLs when the mouse is over a link
■ Disable frames or tables altogether
■ Change or delete cookies
■ Change your browser's user-agent and other identifying fields
■ Hide where you've been previously from inquisitive web servers
Last updated on June 7th, 2008
Portable Proxomitron - User are given the possibility of enabling any of the five active filters available: web page filters, outgoing and incoming header, freeze GIF animation and use remote proxy.Portable Proxomitron - HTML Web Page filters permit customizing the web pages and configure each element to your own liking.Portable Proxomitron - HTTP settings in Preferences window include proxy protocol configuration such as port number, or the use of SSLeay/OpenSSL to fileter secure pages.

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