Portable Voralent Antelope

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This user-friendly and effective application can be used for image optimization operations, aimed at people who store a lot of space-consuming pictures

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Portable Voralent Antelope is a lightweight and intuitive software solution aimed to offer you a straightforward method of optimizing your favorite pictures, to save up space on your computer, without a significant loss in quality.

The advantages of using portable apps

As a standalone tool, it does not require to go through an installation operation in order to work on your system, as you can just unzip the archive and run the executable.

Consequently, you can store and transport Portable Voralent Antelope with you on removable memory drives, using it on the go, whenever you need, yet leaving no trace behind on the host computer.

Configure your compression preferences and swiftly optimize your digital images

The application supports drag and drop functionality, meaning you can easily load all the photos you want into it with a couple of mouse moves. However, once you add a bunch of pictures into Portable Voralent Antelope, you cannot remove a specific one, your only choice being to ‘Reset’ and start over from scratch.

The retractable menu lets you configure the JPEG and PNG options, the former allowing you to use an ‘Auto Progressive Convert’ mode and ‘Remove Exif Data’, while the latter enables you to adjust the ‘Optimization Factor’ between ‘Fast/Min’ and ‘Slow/Max’.

Other customizable preferences include the ability to backup the original file, or resort to a ‘Lossy Mode’, which ensures more compression boost. Once you have setup all the functioning options, you can click on the ‘Optimize’ button and Portable Voralent Antelope will process your pictures in just moments, displaying the original and the new sizes, along with the decrease percentage.

A handy image compression instrument

All in all, Portable Voralent Antelope proves to be an efficient and very easy to understand program that can successfully assist you in gaining a bit of space on your PC by shrinking your numerous photos and reduce their total size.

Portable Voralent Antelope was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 16th, 2015
Portable Voralent Antelope - In the main window of Portable Voralent Antelope, you can drag and drop the images you want to optimizePortable Voralent Antelope - screenshot #2