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Media Player Classic is a simplified version of Windows Media Player. It comes with most of the codecs you need to play video files and an extremely simple user interface, as well as a fast response time.

Portable Media Player Classic is a special edition that can be run from a removable drive on any computer, with absolutely no footprints on the machine’s registry. In addition to this awesome advantage, there are no differences in functionality between the portable and the standalone version.

Media Player Classic supports the most commonly used audio and video formats (including FLAC and FLV), as well as QuickTime and RealVideo. It can open DVD files, and has a real-time zoom feature.

You can take a snapshot and save it as a JPG image, create a thumbnail (16 captions taken at a 2-second interval), assign hotkeys to various commands (for instance Volume Boost Max, Filters Menu), add files to Favorites and then organize them, and more.

Subtitles are completely customizable, and if you are playing a movie with no subtitle, you can use Media Player's online subtitle database (clicking "Search" at "Search Database" in the "File" menu will automatically send you to a page where the caption file is available).

"Go to" enables you to navigate directly to a certain frame on the video file, a feature that is really useful if you want to crop the respective clip. Also, another neat function allows you to simultaneously load videos without sound or an audio track.

You can set Media Player Classic to either close, hibernate, stand by, shutdown or log off the system, or do nothing, once it finishes playing the file.

In conclusion, if you want one of the best and simplest media players, a reliable choice is Media Player Classic.

Portable Media Player Classic was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 22nd, 2012
Portable Media Player Classic - Media Player Classic allows you to play DVDs and navigate through their menu easily and unhindered.Portable Media Player Classic - File menu presents options for opening files from hard disk or optical unit. You can also load a subtitle or access the DSM Converter.Portable Media Player Classic - View menu of the application permits you to enable various tools in the interface as well as set the video frame, make the pan and scan settings or set the application to stay on top of other windows.Portable Media Player Classic - Media Player Classic lets the user navigate in a DVD with the greatest ease, jumping to different parts of the video, choose the desired subtitle or access DVD's menu sections.Portable Media Player Classic - Users can configure the application to behave to their own liking and make working with it as comfortable as possible.Portable Media Player Classic - Playback set of options includes settings up the volume and balance as well as enable repetition of the videos or set the zoom level.Portable Media Player Classic - The application comes with a generous set of video and audio filters among which there we count AVI, CDDA, DTS/AC3, FLV, Matroska or OGG.Portable Media Player Classic - Subtitle tab of Options panel lets you override placement, set delay interval or make texture settings.Portable Media Player Classic - Tweaks section lets you enable/disable XP-theming or the use of WM ASF reader for Windows Media files as well as turn free window resizing on/off.

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