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The portable version of the freeware multimedia player for Windows MV2 Player

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Portable MV2 Player is a lightweight application that allows you to play multiple media files without installing the program. The installer can unpack the program files on a portable storage device that can be used on any computer.

The program can open most of the known video, audio and image file formats , including VOB, OGG and PCD files. It can also play DVD movies and has an OSD menu that allows you to easily navigate through the movie chapters and titles. Subtitles support is not a problem, since the software can automatically detect the language.

The player features a history function that will remember the files that you have accessed recently. The application's playlist editor can be used to add a music soundtrack to an image and subtitles to a movie creating a set of files that will be played simultaneously.

You can also access the media files that you previously played in the application's catalog. Here the files are organized by file type, access date and length of the file. You can also enter detailed descriptions for each media file such as a IMDB description for the movie files.

The interface of the player is a little complicated but it can be easily customized with different skins. In addition, every button has a tooltip that explains the function and purpose.

This application has an extended keyboard support so you can control the playback without the mouse. You can also fully customize the hot keys as all the commands available in the application can be mapped to a different keyboard combination by the user.

The application can be associated with the media files and you can change the icon for each file category. You can even enlarge the list of file extensions by adding new file types.

Portable MV2 Player is a compact and fully customizable application that can help you open a lot of media formats and create mixed play lists with audio, video and still images.

Portable MV2 Player was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on December 22nd, 2011
Portable MV2 Player - MV2Player's Playlist Editor allows you to quickly add media files to be played. It features repeat and shuffle options.Portable MV2 Player - MV2Player's Catalog window enables you to quickly find the media files on your computer. It displays information about the media file lie length, type, resolution, etc.Portable MV2 Player - MV2Player's Options window - Player tab allows you to change various program options like user level, tray controls and more.

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