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Simple-to-use application which enables you to view all the available listening ports and a great deal of details pertaining to each

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CloseTheDoor Portable is a software tool which can be used so as to help you detect security holes and close vulnerable network ports.

This is the portable version of CloseTheDoor, which means you can easily skip the installation process. This means you can copy the program files to a portable storage unit, and run it on any computer you are granted access to.

You should also know that the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to be affected in any way by CloseTheDoor Portable, and no leftover will remain after its removal.

The UI sports a clean and minimal design, as it is only comprised of a menu bar and a panel where you can view all the detected ports. They also come with important information, such as interface, port, protocol, process, associated services, company, product and descriptions.

Generate reports fast

This software utility enables you to display a summary regarding all listening endpoints, according to each IP address, as well as save the results to the hard drive, as a CSV file. The list can be refreshed at any point, and you can access a myriad of Internet references.

Using Notepad, you can display statistics about active connections and environment variables.

Prevent remote attacks

It is also possible to locate the selected executable file using Windows Explorer, disable potentially harmful ports, as well as view all services associated with the selected process and stop, disable or uninstall one or all of them.

A well-rounded app

In conclusion, CloseTheDoor Portable proves to be a useful piece of software which lets you protect your PC from network attacks. It has an intuitive environment, a good response time, enough options to tinker with and plenty of resources.

CloseTheDoor Portable was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on February 19th, 2014
CloseTheDoor Portable - View all the available listening ports from the main window of the application.CloseTheDoor Portable - You can locate the executable file of a certain process from the right click menu.CloseTheDoor Portable - Export your results or refresh your service list from the File menu of CloseTheDoor Portable.CloseTheDoor Portable - screenshot #4CloseTheDoor Portable - screenshot #5CloseTheDoor Portable - screenshot #6CloseTheDoor Portable - screenshot #7CloseTheDoor Portable - screenshot #8