Portable Tomahawk PDF+

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A word processor with built-in PDF export capability

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Portable Tomahawk PDF+ is a word processing tool that gives you to the possibility of exporting documents to the PDF format.

Since this is a portable software, installing it is not necessary. You can simply place Portable Tomahawk PDF+ on a removable drive and directly run its executable file on any computer.

What's more important is the fact that your Windows registry items will remain intact.

The interface of the word processor is clean and intuitive. You can import documents (e.g. RTF, TXT, HTML) and convert files to the PDF format.

Plus, you can use the undo and redo buttons, along with a search and replace functions, run a spellcheck and look up words in a thesaurus.

Furthermore, you can remove page breaks, change the case, set up the font, align text, edit bullets and numbering options, enable word wrapping mode, increase or decrease indent, as well as set a single or double line spacing.

Moreover, you can set the paragraph background color and fill color, insert files, pictures, delimited tables, horizontal lines, hyperlinks, symbols and page breaks, show non-printing characters, and more.

The word processor takes up a low-to-moderate amount of system resources and didn't cause us any problems during our tests. The text layout is very well maintained in the PDF document. Unfortunately, we couldn't access the help file.

Otherwise, we recommend Portable Tomahawk PDF+ to all users who prefer a straightforward tool that comes with the necessary and suffice elements for word processing.

Portable Tomahawk PDF+ was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 13th, 2012
Portable Tomahawk PDF+ - The application is a text processor and provides all the options in this sense. You can change the text color, format paragraphs, search, align the text, print it, etc.Portable Tomahawk PDF+ - Paragraph menu lets the user make the desired formatting to the selected chunk of text. Thus you can align it, add bullets, wrap the words, increase/decrease indent, or apply different spacing.Portable Tomahawk PDF+ - Insert menu allows adding a file or image into text as well as symbols, page break or hyperlinks.Portable Tomahawk PDF+ - Tools comes with options such as PDF extraction, image manger, extraction from CHM files or accessing the thumbnail wizard.Portable Tomahawk PDF+ - Tomahawk PDF Creator lets you make the desired settings for making a PDF out of the text in the word processor.