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Copy and paste content using only mouse gestures that you can customize and manage the content sent to the clipboard much easier

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Portable AutoClipX is a complex and nice application for copying content to the Windows clipboard, including text, files and folders. It has all sort of intuitive tools and settings that you can adjust, together with the option of making changes.

It has an extensive help section that allows users to get some instructions on how the application actually works.

Lightweight interface with lots of tools at hand

Portable AutoClipX doesn't take long to install but it does need some configuration before you can actually use its features. There's the option to create multiple profiles and adjust settings for each of them individually.

It can be set to copy all sort of text, but the application will always ignore certain windows and controls to prevent unwanted copying and pasting, like the Start Menu, Windows Task-bar and many others.

Adjust settings to meet your preferences

You can allow copying with the I-Beam, Arrow or other cursors. Simply select the text and the application will automatically copy the highlighted area in your clipboard. You can have the application copy text selected with multiple clicks or using certain combinations from your keyboard.

Disable new copying until the previous selected text is pasted or use the feature that disables double copying in the same window. There are also many pasting options and you can paste at the current position instead of the cursor position.

More features and tools

Portable AutoClipX allows you to adjust the transparency of the clipboard, pick a color theme and manually optimize the database. It has some formatting settings and the option to strip expression.

Automatic window switching can be disabled and you can adjust hotkeys used inside the application. You can automatically save all copied text to a certain file location that you pick on your computer. It has the option to set delimiters and blank lines to make the text easier to read.

All in all, Portable AutoClipX is a very nice application filled with all sort of interesting tools that you could use in order to easily copy data from your clipboard and save it to a certain file.

Portable AutoClipX was reviewed by Alexandra Vaidos
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
Portable AutoClipX - Portable AutoClipX enables you to send text pieces to the clipboard just by selecting them using the mouse.Portable AutoClipX - You can easily paste the content sent to the clipboard using a mouse click, provided Portable AutoClipX is active.Portable AutoClipX - You can adjust the color theme and the transparency level of the clipboard manager from the designated tab of Portable AutoClipX.Portable AutoClipX - screenshot #4Portable AutoClipX - screenshot #5Portable AutoClipX - screenshot #6Portable AutoClipX - screenshot #7Portable AutoClipX - screenshot #8

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