Portable AutoClipX

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Copy and paste content using only mouse gestures that you can customize and manage the content sent to the clipboard much easier





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Portable AutoClipX can automatically copy content to the Windows clipboard, such as text, files and folders, simply by selecting them with your mouse cursor.

Using this application you can manage the contents of your clipboard, then paste the selected items to a specified location.

You can also strip content from text, such as HTML markup, spaces, numbers and much more, and replace the removed content with something else. Any number of new stripping and replacing options can be added as needed.

Automatic copying is regulated several ways in order to prevent unwanted copying of content from applications, including by the cursor type, blacklisting window titles and/or class names, as well as through the use of hot-keys which can quickly enable or disable the application

Note: In order to purchase the application you need to use the registration button from the nag screen.

You can also download AutoClipX (installer version)
Last updated on May 19th, 2015
Portable AutoClipX - Portable AutoClipX enables you to send text pieces to the clipboard just by selecting them using the mouse.Portable AutoClipX - You can easily paste the content sent to the clipboard using a mouse click, provided Portable AutoClipX is active.Portable AutoClipX - You can adjust the color theme and the transparency level of the clipboard manager from the designated tab of Portable AutoClipX.Portable AutoClipXPortable AutoClipXPortable AutoClipXPortable AutoClipXPortable AutoClipX

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