Portable PDFGears

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A simple to use, yet comprehensive PDF inspector, that enables you to view and analyze all the elements contained within the file

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Portable PDFGears is a simple to use application that enables you to view all the elements contained within a PDF, with a short description attached to any of them. The software can display the hierarchical structure of the file as a tree, highlighting the syntax and indicating the parent-child relations.

Inspect PDF elements

The software is useful when you wish to view the metadata associated with a PDF, from fonts, types, lines, number of characters, position and general information, to number of pages and images. The software can extract the metadata stream and display it separately, by line length, type and subtype.

Moreover, the syntax of the page is highlighted and a small description is associated to each element under inspection. You may inspect each element by selecting it from the tree on the left column of the program’s interface, or check out the references related to a certain item, from the XREF column of the right.

References and quick searches

The software displays a table of XREF data, that you can expand and observe the references to each element contained. The elements are identified by their unique codes and can easily be found in the references table, with the help of the searching engine. The software is set to search for parts of words, so you do not need to remember the entire item identification code.

Additionally, you may inspect specific elements of each page of the document. The tree structure is divided by each page and displays the contents stream, IDs, subordination, resources, types and afferent groups. Fonts are also subjected to analysis, as the software displays the font type, encoding method, character code range and other font particularities.

PDF analyzer and browser

Portable PDFGears is a reliable application that enables you to reveal any element contained within a PDF, with a short description and analysis details. The software supports even documents encrypted with advanced methods, such as AES 256. Moreover, it can generate comprehensive reports and logs that reflect the analysis results, warnings or errors.

Portable PDFGears was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 9th, 2014
Portable PDFGears - Portable PDFGears is a reliable tool that enables you to view and analyze the elements contained within a PDF.Portable PDFGears - The software offers a small description for each element inspected, as well as a XREF table, that indicates all the references.Portable PDFGears - With Portable PDFGears, you can inspect the hierarchical structure of a PDF, the pages, fonts or images contained within.Portable PDFGears - screenshot #4Portable PDFGears - screenshot #5