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An efficient and intuitive software utility whose main purpose is to help you manipulate your PDF files by merging, protecting or splitting them

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Portable UnityPDF is a comprehensive and easy to handle application whose main purpose is to assist users in working with their PDF documents in a variety of ways, without restriction.

Following the download process, users need only to unzip the archive and they can run Portable UnityPDF immediately, as it requires no installation process.

The utility allows users to load one or more PDF files that they wish to process and choose the preferred action from the multiple available ones. Portable UnityPDF will display the complete file path, the number of pages and the size in MB. This way, if something looks out of place, for instance the number of pages does not match what they thought was the correct file, then they can just remove it from the list.

Users can merge or split PDFs in just one click, requiring simply that they choose the save location. Similarly, Portable UnityPDF enables them to divide a document into a preferred number of parts.

At the same time, users can extract or insert pages into a PDF, with the possibility of choosing the exact position where this should be done, by entering the page range. Also, the program lets users protect the integrity of their PDF by setting up a password to prevent any manipulation of their documents, such as copying or printing.

Because it is a portable tool, users can run it from any USB stick or other removable media drive, on a compatible computer, without having to install it on the system. Consequently, it creates no registry entries, its removal consisting of a simple deletion.

To conclude, Portable UnityPDF is an efficient and reliable piece of software that can easily help users merge, split or divide their PDFs, as well as password-protect them, in just a few clicks.

Portable UnityPDF was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 6th, 2015
Portable UnityPDF - The main window of the application allows you to add multiple PDF files to work with themPortable UnityPDF - From the Manage list menu, you can add or remove PDF files, as well as clear the entire list of documentsPortable UnityPDF - By accessing the Actions menu, you can manipulate PDF files by merging, splitting or protecting themPortable UnityPDF - You can split your PDF file by a desired number of parts or by the maximum size in MB of each sectionPortable UnityPDF - You can extract one page or a range of them from the PDF file that you want to save or printPortable UnityPDF - screenshot #6Portable UnityPDF - screenshot #7Portable UnityPDF - screenshot #8