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A lightweight and easy to use application with portable features, developed for conversion operations for CSV source files to OFX format documents

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Portable CSV2OFX Converter is an intuitive and user-friendly piece of software that was designed to offer you an easy method of converting CSV documents to OXF files, which you can then use in your favorite financial application.

The program does not require an installation process, which means you can store and run it from any USB stick or similar portable memory devices, on all compatible computers, provided that they have Java installed.

At the same time, Portable CSV2OFX Converter does not create registry entries on the system you use it on, enabling you to remove it simply by deleting the containing folder and leaving no traces behind.

The application is quite basic and straight-forward, focusing its functionality on saving you time and effort. The document that you want to work with can be loaded from the 'File' menu, as Portable CSV2OFX Converter does not support drag and drop.

However, make sure you select the preferred date format, between US and Euro (month-day versus day-month), before loading the file you wish to convert.

The source CSV will be converted almost automatically, exporting the generated item to the same location as the initial file, under the same name. As such, you need to be careful not to overwrite your other documents.

The utility also features a preview function that allows you to browse through the CSV, by loading the file and selecting the corresponding 'Account Type', as either 'Investment', 'Bank' or 'Credit Card'. While through the Graphical User Interface, Portable CSV2OFX Converter can only process one file at a time, you can resort to command line for batch operations.

All in all, Portable CSV2OFX Converter proves to be a simple and efficient tool that can successfully assist you in turning your CSV format transactions to OFX files.

Portable CSV2OFX Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 22nd, 2014
Portable CSV2OFX Converter - In the main window of Portable CSV2OFX Converter, you can load the CSV file that you want to work withPortable CSV2OFX Converter - The File menu of the application allows you to preview the CSV file, open it or save the conversion logPortable CSV2OFX Converter - The Settings menu enables you to set the destination account info as well as the preferred date formatPortable CSV2OFX Converter - screenshot #4

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