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A reliable application that enables you to easily print envelopes, by creating multiple templates containing the destination and the sender address

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Tweaking.com - Envelope Printer Portable is a lightweight application that enables you to automate the process of envelope printing, by creating address templates. The software enables you to set an address book, for both sender and delivery locations. You can easily select an address preset, as well as an available envelope size, then quickly print them.

Create address templates for easy selection

Tweaking.com - Envelope Printer Portable comes in handy especially when you need to send multiple letters and manually writing all the addresses takes up much time. You may simply fill in the correct address then click the Save button afferent to each field, in order to send the template to the address book.

Should you need to send another letter to the same address, you only need to select it from the list and edit it if necessary. Thus, you can save time and avoid spelling mistakes, by inserting the correct address every time.

Envelope settings and company logo

The software enables you to insert your company logo or a custom image, in order to personalize the address template. The image can be placed near the sender address, either above, below or to the side. There are no size limitations, but the software can automatically rescale the picture, in order to obtain the most suitable size.

Additionally, while the software can support both colored or grey scale images, it recommends that you upload a colored picture, for a better printing quality. You may also select the envelope size format from among the available presets. The software offers over one hundred international paper templates for envelopes.

Quickly print and send out letters

Tweaking.com - Envelope Printer Portable is a simple alternative to the time consuming process of manually writing addresses on the backs of envelopes, especially when you need to send out multiple letters. It can come in handy when sending out bills every month, wedding invitations or newsletters. The software enables you to print high quality address templates and logos, in a short time.

Portable Envelope Printer was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on December 12th, 2014
Portable Envelope Printer - Tweaking.com - Envelope Printer Portable enables you to automate envelope printing, by creating address templates.Portable Envelope Printer - You can easily create templates, for both the delivery and the return addresses, then save them in the address book.