Portable ZapWallPaper Classic

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A slim and easy to use application destined to help you enliven your desktop background, by setting an automatic wallpaper succession

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Portable ZapWallPaper Classic is a fun, lightweight tool designed to revitalize your desktop background, by setting a dynamic wallpaper configuration. It enables you to create a slideshow with custom photos and displays the ordered images at a given time interval.

Random and automatic

Portable ZapWallPaper Classic is a useful tool for customizing your desktop and energizing the layout of your screen. It supports a high variety of image formats and sizes and it is flexible when it comes to resizing the pictures to fit the screen. The software is compatible with most screen resolutions, such as 4/3 or 16/10 and supports JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and TGA images.

You may select a source folder with all the pictures you wish to view and let the program randomly select which one to display. The screen time for each wallpaper may range from 1 to 59 minutes, and can be changed from the Settings window.

Also, the image slideshow can run automatically or be activated manually, by double clicking on the icon in the system tray. The application uses the random selection as default, but you may set a wallpaper order, by creating a custom image show and establishing the display duration.

Color your desktop up

You may select any image folder as source and Portable ZapWallPaper Classic can display the photos available there. Alternatively, the software includes a collection of beautiful wallpapers that can adorn your desktop.

The application can turn your desktop in an art gallery, since it may display your own photos and add a mask, containing the name of the picture. Additionally, Portable ZapWallPaper Classic is a useful manager for images with variable sizes.

You may decide the treatment applied to the pictures that are smaller or larger than the desktop. They can easily be resized, centered or arranged as a tiled pattern.


Portable ZapWallPaper Classic is a slim application destined to convert your desktop into an ever-changing wallpaper gallery, featuring a large range of customizable options. Your screen can surprise you with a new attire every time you view it, with photos being displayed in a random order.

Portable ZapWallPaper Classic was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 20th, 2014
Portable ZapWallPaper Classic - Portable ZapWallPaper Classic enables you to create a dynamic desktop scheme, with changeable backgrounds.Portable ZapWallPaper Classic - You can set a source folder with images, and create a slideshow that the application displays as desktop backgrounds.Portable ZapWallPaper Classic - You may manage the succession of wallpapers on your desktop, as well as their display duration and delay.Portable ZapWallPaper Classic