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Lightweight registry keys backup application that allows you to create lists, import and export items, restore a list and view key contents

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SMARegisTry Backup Portable is a software program that provides users with a simple means of backing up registry keys, viewing their contents, adding new entries and saving lists to the HDD.

The perks of a portable app

This is the portable counterpart of SMARegisTry Backup, which means that the installation process is not necessary anymore. In addition to that, unlike its installer edition, it is not going to create new entries in the Windows registry and hard drive without your permission, nor will it leave traces behind after its removal.

You should also know that if you place the program files to a USB thumb drive, you make it possible to run SMARegisTry Backup Portable on any computer you come in contact with.

Save TXT lists and backup specified registry items

This software tool enables you to see a folder structure of all your registry keys in the main window. It is possible to create a list with several such items and save it to a custom location on the hard drive in a TXT format, so that you can use it at a later date.

Aside from that, it is possible to restore an individual key from the computer to the registry and view information pertaining to a selected item. Backing up selected items can be done with just a click of the button, while restoring is also available.


To sum up, SMARegisTry Backup Portable is a pretty decent piece of software when it comes to backing up registry items, with an interface which is dedicated to all types of users. It runs without putting a strain on the computer’s performance and without popping up errors, hanging or freezing.

SMARegisTry Backup Portable was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on June 19th, 2014
SMARegisTry Backup Portable - SMARegisTry Backup Portable is a lightweight application that can backup your registry keys.SMARegisTry Backup Portable - The Options window allows you to set the default saving directory for saving lists and registry keys.