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A handy and dependable application that allows you to fasten and automate the process of drag-and-drop when handling numerous files

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Managing a large number of files at once requires constant attention, as any misclick or failed drag-and-drop operation can change the save location of your files.

Portable Drag+Drop Robot can throw a helping hand to this matter, by automating the process of drag-and-dropping a large number of files, as well as any other processes that can be performed on them, such as unzipping or archiving.

Reliable batch file management tool

The application provides you with a robust way of processing large numbers of files, by executing command line arguments on a batch of files. This comes in handy when in need to quickly process a large number of files, such as archiving or unzipping each particular file of a designated group.

By initially calling the application that deals with a certain process, you can apply it to any other file from the batch. For instance, manually unzipping several files would be a tedious process, which can be easily avoided by using the application setted with the correct parameters.

Handy utility for file managing

Portable Drag+Drop Robot can help you deal with multiple files at once with command line arguments, even if you run applications that are not designed to process multiple objects at once.

Aside from this, the application is fully portable and it does not require installation on your computer, meaning that you can use it from any disk drive or USB memory device, as no registries are modified.

Conclusive premises

All in all, Portable Drag+Drop Robot comes as a safe and sturdy way of processing large batches of files, with the help of command line arguments. Although it might seem confusing at first for people not accustomed to Command prompt arguments, you can quickly learn to use it and automate the processing of large numbers of files.

Portable Drag+Drop Robot was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 17th, 2014
Portable Drag+Drop Robot - Portable Drag+Drop Robot helps you automate the process of drag-and-dropping large numbers of files.

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