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Cut off power to your computer or those connected to a network with the help of this powerful software application equipped with easy to use, yet advanced features

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Knowing how to carefully manage you activities, not only brings you a little closer to success, but can also leave you with more leisure time. This is also the case for your computer's power options. With the help of specialized applications like Portable AMP WinOFF, these can be programmed to the second, so that power is never wasted.

Lightweight and easy to use

You only need to free up about 1 Mb of space on your hard disk drive for this application. Moreover, system resources used are not something to worry about, because your computer won't feel a thing from running it.

Since this is the portable version, you can take advantage of its advanced features wherever you are, given it is launched. The interface is easy enough to use, even though you might feel overwhelmed with options to set. Overall design is intuitive enough, with helpful tooltips guiding you while hovering your mouse cursor over specific features.

Manage computers connected to a network

There are several conditions you can set in order to trigger one of your computer's power options. The most commonly used is a timer, which lets you either create a schedule for long term use or set to activate after a given amount of time is up.

For energy saving reasons, you are able to cut off power to your computer when it detects no user activity for a given amount of minutes.

Furthermore, for computers that are left to accomplish tasks that use a lot of system resources, you can enable a CPU load meter to shut down your computer when activity is less than a given percentage. Similar options are available for network traffic, with options adjustable for incoming and outgoing signal.

The application can be secured with a password and have it's features accessed only by authorized users. This comes in handy as an integrated feature lets you apply options mentioned above to computers connected to a network.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Portable AMP WinOFF is a lightweight, but powerful application to control a computer's power options. It's equipped with advanced features that are incredibly easy to use and with this version you can apply them on nearly any machine it is launched.

Portable AMP WinOFF was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on June 10th, 2014
Portable AMP WinOFF - This is the main window of Portable AMP WinOFF, where you will be able to schedule shutdowns.Portable AMP WinOFF - In this window of Portable AMP WinOFF, you will be able to configure the General Options of the application.Portable AMP WinOFF - Portable AMP WinOFF will also enable you to customize User settings and configure the Password protection.

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