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Quickly build up your own start menu that you can access from the system tray using Portable Start Menu

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With a pretty self-explanatory name, Portable Start Menu is a very useful Windows application that creates a new start menu on your computer, allowing you to launch apps on the go.

The online difference between this particular program and the classic Windows Start Menu is that the program places an icon in the Windows System Tray and lets you access a fully personalized menu with a single click.

While Portable Start Menu is very easy to use, it still requires a lot of time to configure the entries to be shown in the launcher. You have to define the name and the path for each entry, while a bunch of other options are also available to enhance the whole process.

You can for example organize the applications in separate folders, but you can also configure the program to try to automatically terminate running processes when you close it. Plus, you can open the menu via a dedicated shortcut, while tray icon customization options provide even more personalization settings to all users.

Last but not least, since it’s fully portable, the app can be completely copied on a USB drive and launched directly from there without prior installation. And to enhance its portability, developers have included a feature to automatically start Portable Start Menu whenever you plug the USB stick into a computer.

Obviously, Portable Start Menu works like a charm on all Windows versions and it doesn’t require administrator privileges on Windows 7 machines.

Overall, Portable Start Menu is quite a handy piece of software that provides a fully customizable launcher sitting in your System Tray. It’s stable and reliable and it gets along with all Windows flavors on the market.

Portable Start Menu was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 29th, 2014
Portable Start Menu - This is the main window of Portable Start Menu where you will be able to control the Start Menu and add new applications.Portable Start Menu - You will be able to add new applications using the designated window.Portable Start Menu - In the Options menu of Portable Start Menu you will be able to customize the general settings of the application.Portable Start Menu - You will be able to manage the application from the system tray.

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