Portable ́Start1.5.2

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A small and easy usable application launcher for your USB stick





uStart is a simple application developed to help you start programs easily and quickly.

This program is designed with ease of use and filesize in mind. It occupies
only some kilobytes of the valuable space on your USB stick.

It has some features which are very useful for a mobile office on you USB stick.

Here are some key features of "Portable uStart":

■ Applications could be organized into groups.
■ Separators for better overview
■ Paths to applications or home directories are stored relative to the location
■ of 'uStart.exe'. '' for the actual drive is also allowed.
■ Environment variables within paths, applications or options are automatically
■ replaced, e.g. '%windir%' becomes 'C:windows'.
■ When exiting uStart, the started applications can be optionally closed.
■ After Start you see only an additional trayicon, nothing else.
■ Support for applications, folders and other files that are opened through their
■ associated applications.
■ Applications/Folders/Files could be run/opened automatically on program start
Last updated on June 19th, 2008
Portable ́Start - Settings panel is where you get to add the applications to be quickly launched with ́Start.

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