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A handy program that was designed to provide users with a means of optimizing the system registry of any PC by defragmenting it on the fly

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Having a clean system registry means that the overall performance of the computer will be as close as possible to the optimal parameters any user is looking to reach. For this reason it is very important to verify the health of the registry and whenever possible compact it so as to obtain lower startup times and increased responsiveness.

Among the many utilities available on the market which are dedicated to such tasks, Portable Free RegDefrager offers a simpler approach than other programs of its kind.

Simple GUI for use on the go

The biggest advantage of this piece of kit is the fact that it is ready to run right out of the box, so it can be carried onto a removable storage device and deployed on any computer.

The looks may be rather plain, but this is to be expected from an application made for a single job and which has to offer only a couple of functions. Another plus for Portable Free RegDefrager, one that originates in this simplicity is the ease of use that characterizes it and makes the software a good solution for less experienced users.

Quick registry analysis and defragmentation

Using this tool is a quite straightforward job and once you decide to use it for compacting the registry onto your computer, analyzing it is a mandatory phase in the process.

Fortunately, with the help of Portable Free RegDefrager this stage will take just a minute or two and afterward you will have a more complete image of the current state of the registry. Thus, after the analysis is finished you will get valuable information regarding the current size of the registry hives and the projected dimensions after the defragmentation.

The elimination of gaps between the registry keys and the removal of unused spaces can be done in two modes, a fast one (normal defrag registry) or a slower but more thorough one (full defrag registry).

A basic utility for compacting the registry

To conclude, Portable Free RegDefrager is indeed a simple and very easy to use application, but its overly simplified nature makes it suitable mostly for beginners and those who want more registry tweaking features can try a different program.

Portable Free RegDefrager was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
Portable Free RegDefrager - This is the main window of Portable Free RegDefrager from where you can carry out the defragmentation of the system registry.