ReFS Activator for Windows 8

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Install the Resilient File System on Windows 8

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ReFS Activator for Windows 8 is a lightweight utility that allows you to activate the Resilient File System on 64-bit Windows 8 devices.

ReFS (also known as Resilient File System) is an architecture introduced in Windows Server 2012 that brings a number of improvements over the NTFS technology, with visible enhancements in data integrity.

This next generation file system provides a better response to storage requirements, being able to handle extremely large volumes, with built-in resilience to prevent data corruption.

The advantages that ReFS brings can be now enjoyed on an OS other than Windows Server 2012 with the aid of ReFS Activator for Windows 8.

The name gives it all away, making it obvious that it was designed exclusively for Windows 8 users. However, what the name doesn’t imply is that only x64 architectures are supported and only a handful of Windows 8 editions are targeted.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview (build 8250), Windows 8 Release Preview (build 8400) and Windows 8 RTM (build 9200) are the only Windows 8 releases that can get along with this application.

Beyond the complexity of the task it aims to perform, ReFS Activator for Windows 8 is very easy to use. It all comes down to selecting the OS you’re running and to installing the file system, followed by a reboot.

Provided that the operation was successful, you should find a ‘REFS’ option under the Format dialog of local disks. The craved changes are to be expected after the formatting process has completed.

Overall, ReFS Activator for Windows 8 is not a very safe bet, since there’s no guarantee that the process will work or that it won’t harm your computer. This is also the reason why the developers released it under a ‘use it at your own risk’ policy.

ReFS Activator for Windows 8 was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 6th, 2013
ReFS Activator for Windows 8 - ReFS Activator for Windows 8 comes with a simple interface that allows you to install the Resilient File System on the fly.

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