WinSetupFromUSB 1.4

This is a lightweight utility whose main purpose is to install Operating Systems using a formatted USB drive or Flash media seamlessly

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What's new in WinSetupFromUSB 1.4:

  • added better handling of illegal characters for Linux/Other ISO source file name
  • added advanced option for adding persistence partition for Linux sources. Each source has its own persistence space associated with it
  • added better handling for Kon-Boot, source is to be added as ISO file using the Linux/Other ISO option
  • added advanced option to add custom folder with boot critical drivers for NT6 sources (Vista and later). These drivers are added in boot.wim and loaded with DrvLoad before start of Setup, scratch space is increased accordingly. Only drivers for present devices will are loaded. Use it to add USB, SATA/SCSI or Chipset/USB drivers for example. Loaded drivers will be staged and available to the OS being installed. For non boot-critical drivers (Lan, WLan, Video etc.), have a look here
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2 WinSetupFromUSB Screenshots:
WinSetupFromUSB - This is the main window of WinSetupFromUSB where you need to select the OS you want to installWinSetupFromUSB - You can access this window when you want WinSetupFromUSB to display disk drives on all interfaces, not only USB
USB Flash drives come in numerous shapes, sizes and colors, and their storage capabilities vary just as much. This is why they are no longer regarded solely as backup tools, but they are occasionally used to install operating systems off them, and such a tool that facilitates this action is WinSetupFromUSB.

Quickly gets you up and running

This software solution features a well-organized users interface where users first need to specify the USB drive they want to use, then use the dedicated button to format it – all existing partitions are erased and a single one is created instead (all files are also deleted, so it is recommended to create a backup first).

Supports a large variety of operating systems

The next step is to select the location of the target OS, and this tool supports several Windows and Linux flavors. As such, one can choose to copy the installation kits for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Windows Vista, 7, 8 or Server 2008, by simply specifying the path to their sources and boot files. This utility also supports BartPE, WinBuilder, UBCD4Win and WinFLPC.

When users want to install a certain Linux distribution using their USB Flash drive, they can choose from several options: PartedMagic, Ubuntu, Grub4dos compatible ISO, SysLinux bootsector or a Linux distribution using SysLinux.

Manage several in-depth settings

Before proceeding with copying the files, one can also access the Advanced Options window and fine tune the configuration even more. However, while the actual application can be used by novices and experts alike, the settings in this section should only be modify by professionals who have advanced PC skills.

Namely, users can enable custom folder and menu names for 2000, XP and 2003, or they can choose to display disk drives on all interfaces, not only USB; when they are done with the configuration, they can test their newly-created package in QEMU, a specialized process emulator. Once they make sure everything goes smoothly, they can proceed with copying the needed files onto the Flash drive.

To end with

All in all, WinSetupFromUSB does exactly what the name suggests, making a Flash drive more than just a portable storage device. The amount of operating systems it supports opens up doors for a large public and the friendly interface lets even the least experienced user quickly get acquainted with what it has to offer.

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