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A portable hardware monitoring software that is able to read the system's main health sensors, as well as hard drives temperatures

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Portable HWMonitor is a freeware system information tool that reads the computer health sensors and displays the collected data in a very clean and well-organized interface.

If there’s something to be praised about Portable HWMonitor, that’s not only the information it provides, but also the way it interacts with the user.

Although it’s not quite the kind of tool addressed to beginners, everything’s pretty easy to use after launching the app. The clean look is the main element that makes this possible, with all information displayed right in the main window, organized by device type.

Portable HWMonitor shows voltages, temperature and fan speed, working with the most popular sensor chips and thermal sensors. It collects information on CPU and GPU, as well as hard disk temperature.

Additionally, the program can export the collected data as TXT on your local disks, while also displaying the minimum and maximum values registered from the launch of the app.

Since it’s fully portable, you don’t have to install Portable HWMonitor. Instead, you can copy all its files on a removable USB drive and use it on the go, without prior installation.

Portable HWMonitor needs just a second to collect the information and doesn’t slow the system at all, running flawlessly regardless of the Windows version. Still, administrator privileges are needed on Windows 7 workstations.

All in all, Portable HWMonitor is a useful piece of software and although it may seem like a tool aimed at experienced users, tons of information can be found online.

Portable HWMonitor was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 23rd, 2015
Portable HWMonitor - Portable HWMonitor will provide users with a hardware monitoring software that will read the system's main health sensorsPortable HWMonitor - The File menu will offer a list of basic functions as well as options like Save Monitoring / SMBus dataPortable HWMonitor - Users will be able to check for Drivers or Bios Updates using the Tools menu.

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