Icarus Verilog

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A complete package that was designed to bring users a compiler implementation that is meant to be used with the IEEE-1364 Verilog HDL




Hardware description languages (HDL) are quite scarce and this is mainly because of their highly technical nature, that makes them suitable only for professionals who specialize in designing electronic circuits and systems, as well in documenting them.

One of the most well-known languages of this kind is Verilog and it has know extensive usage in simulations and verifications, as it set the standards on the market. Icarus Verilog is a compiling tool that was specifically adapted to handle the IEEE-1364 HDL code.

This software solution is prepared to perform batch simulations as well and for this purpose it will create a particular kind of intermediate form that executes by means of the 'wp' command and thus it is known under the name of 'wp assembly'. In case it is used for synthesis functions, Icarus Verilog is able to generate netlists of various types.

Complying with the IEEE Std 1364-2005 standard for Verilog hardware description language, this compiler can be used to put together intricate design descriptions and parse them as well. The installable package contains all the necessary components and tools to make this otherwise elaborate process more facile for specialists.

Icarus Verilog can be deployed as a command-line tool and for detailed documentation, a dedicated manual is included I the bundle. Also, a set of samples will make it easier for developers to better understand the capabilities of this compiler.
Last updated on February 3rd, 2014

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