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A powerful and creative application that allows you to quickly learn the basics of a programming language tailored for retro style game development

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Retro games are still a major hype for avid gamers, even if they lack the graphics or complexity of the modern ones. NaaLaa is a handy tool that can help you create your own retro game, without requiring advanced knowledge in the fields of programming and game development.

Based on the programing language with the same name, the application can help generate retro games in a relatively short time.

Potent game development environment

The program allows you to generate your own retro games by writing its code using the NaaLaa programming language, which is especially tailored for such projects. Furthermore, the programming language is quite easy to learn, meaning that beginner and experienced users alike can build their own games in a relatively small amount of time.

Furthermore, you can build libraries that contain resources for your games. This way, you can automatically include these resources in every game you create, or share them so that others can use them.

Intuitive compiler and builder for retro games

NaaLaa provides you with several tools for creating your games with ease. Using Tilemap Editor you can create maps that you can load and use with the Tilemap library. These maps are suited for 2D sidescrollers. The Raycaster Editor creates maps in a similar way as as Tilemap, but these are used for more complex 3D games.

With the help of Poly Editor, you can draw and create polygons for your NaaLaa programs, and insert them either by copying them into the source project or by creating an individual code file and include it into the build.

A powerful game creator and editor

Overall, NaaLaa is ideal for developing retro games using an easy to learn programming language. This application is aimed towards creative people with a lot of game ideas that do not have advanced knowledge on programming languages and platform development.

NaaLaa was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 8th, 2014

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