Python 3.4.3 / 3.5.0 Alpha 1

A programming language that integrates with COM, .NET, CORBA objects and provides you with intuitive orientation and extensive standard libraries

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What's new in Python 3.5.0 Alpha 1:

  • Core and Builtins:
  • Issue #23285: PEP 475 - EINTR handling.
  • Issue #22735: Fix many edge cases (including crashes) involving custom mro() implementations.
  • Issue #22896: Avoid using PyObject_AsCharBuffer(), PyObject_AsReadBuffer() and PyObject_AsWriteBuffer().
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Python - Along with its standard library, Python provides a powerful programming language.Python - Python provides you with a widely used and reliable programming language.
Python is programming language that uses objects, classes and a clear syntax in order to help you create your own applications. The code written in Python can be compiled in order to create standalone executable files.

This programming language is the backbone of many applications developed for academic or commercial purposes. It includes a large library that includes predefined tools that can be used by the developers.

The interpreter is the tool that allows you to write code, to define variables and to execute code. The main advantage of the program is the simplicity of the syntax that aims to help you write code in a more natural way. This greatly improves the code readability and significantly reduces the debugging time.

The code written in Python can be edited and tested multiple times by running it in the interpreter. Unlike other languages, it does not compel you to edit the code outside the execution environment. You can simply make the changes using the interpreter.

As an object-oriented programming language, Python uses data structures by storing data outside the main program. This location is not accessible by the program and the data can be retrieved by using a function written especially for this purpose.

Due to its clear syntax, Python can be learned easily by any computer user. If you are just beginning to learn about programming, the developer's website provides you with multiple tutorials and resources.

Overall, the Python programming language represents a good solution for the users that want to create applications by using an object-oriented approach.

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