Virtual Pascal

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An easy to use application development environment, which is designed to provide users with a simple way of using the Pascal language

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Putting together code bits that will eventually be molded into fully-fledged applications is an activity that comes naturally for programmers. Nowadays they can use pretty much any utilities they want, but back in the day the options were rather scarce.

One of the most widely used programming languages, Pascal, prompted the development of numerous compilers and interpreters for building the code and managing it. One of the most appreciated tools of this time, Virtual Pascal, is no longer actively maintained, but can serve its purpose very well even in the present days, on modern machines and under the latest operating systems.

The installation procedure is pretty straightforward and you'll only need to configure a few things mostly related to the location on disk and the type of components to be set up. To start Virtual Pascal, all you have to do is access the folder that hold the binaries for Windows and deploy the main executable.

Insofar as the interface of the software is concerned, you will be facing an over 20 years old environment, so do not get your hopes too high if you like smooth, eye-candy GUIs. Very functional and offering users the possibility to control everything using exclusively the keyboard or in combination with the connected mouse, this program comes with lots of useful features.

Virtual Pascal is able to handle a variety of format, namely PAS, INC, DPR and PP file types, which are specific to programming. Some basic editing functions and a good array of search related commands are also included.

The compilation, viewing and debugging capabilities of this utility are quite extensive and it is equipped with a nice set of tools as well. On the whole, the ease of use and the solid feature pack make Virtual Pascal a viable solution for compiling, debugging and editing code even in this modern era.

Virtual Pascal was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 18th, 2014
Virtual Pascal - There is also a right-click menu in Virtual Pascal and it contains some of the most often used commands.Virtual Pascal - All the editing commands of Virtual Pascal are easily accessible from the dedicated menu of the application.Virtual Pascal - screenshot #3Virtual Pascal - screenshot #4Virtual Pascal - screenshot #5Virtual Pascal - screenshot #6Virtual Pascal - screenshot #7Virtual Pascal - screenshot #8Virtual Pascal - screenshot #9Virtual Pascal - screenshot #10Virtual Pascal - This is the main window of Virtual Pascal that facilitates the creation of new apps and the modification of existing ones.

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