Accord.NET Framework2.8.1

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An extension to AForge.NET, a popular framework for computer vision and machine learning.





Accord.NET Framework is useful tool that intends to enhance the features of the AForge.NET Framework with new tools and libraries. The framework is comprised by libraries and sample applications demonstrating their features. Some of the libraries include:

Accord.Statistics - library with statistical analysis and other tools;
Accord.Imaging - extension to the AForge.NET Imaging library with new filters and routines;
Accord.Neuro - extension to the AForge.NET Neuro library with other learning algorithms;
Accord.MachineLearning - extension to AForge's machine learning library with Support Vector Machines;
Accord.Vision - extension to the AForge.NET Vision library with realtime object detectors and trackers;
Accord.Audio - experimental library with filters and audio processing routines.

Note: In order to use Accord.NET, you must have AForge.NET already installed.
Last updated on January 10th, 2013