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The Decode/Encode DLL is oriented toward attachment decoding




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Many decoders are available today but many require you to know the file type in advance. With our Developer Product, Decode/Encode DLL, you don't have to know what format is used because the software will determine that. This DLL helps you integrate auto-decoding of UUENCODED, Base64(MIME), Binhex, XXENCODED, user table encoded, 7bit (unencoded text files) and quoted-printable files AND encoding (UUENCODED, BinHex, Base64/MIME, XXENCODED, quoted-printable) into your 32 bit Windows application (such as VB, Visual C, Powerbuilder, etc.). The DLL will decode the file(s) either in the current directory or in one specified by the user. Sample programs are provided for C/C++ (MFC), Visual Basic, and Delphi (sample shot of the included test program below).

The Decode/Encode DLL is oriented toward attachment decoding. It is not a full function feature message text handler solution. But secondardy functions are available to help you with your total message processor, including: Function to return system date (local or GMT) when passed a message header date; Message Header parameter for Routing Headers; Function for saving the decoded message text to a file - including HTML message text; Handling for 'Big5' subject headers and attachment names; Functions for retrieving the message header information (From, To, Subject, etc); Functions for encoding/decoding to/from memory buffers; Handling of ISO characters in attachment filenames; The attachment boundary can be passed to the encoding routine; Improved handling of non-standard rich text attachments, those containing HTML tags, or invalid symbols (such as indentations) in MIME attachments.

Other features include a routine to correctly decode UUENCODED encoded files that contain "BEGIN -- Cut Here -- cut here" before the encoded part and utility functions for resolving name collisions. Splitting and Concatenating files are also available.
Last updated on May 25th, 2006