HSS Interlink

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Silverlight File Upload and Download





HSS Interlink is the latest File Upload and Download Dialog control library for Silverlight that can be added to any Silverlight or ASP.NET web application. Though HSS Interlink contains complete Silverlight controls and infrastructure; you are required to implement your own file access handlers as appropriate for your specific file storage needs such as persistence to a file system or database.
HSS Interlink encapsulate 95% of the complexities of building your File Upload / Download application, by providing the Dialogs, Client/Server communications and base handlers, thereby reducing the amount of code and complexities in your application.
Last updated on September 20th, 2011
HSS Interlink - Fast upload speeds by using either IAsyncHttpHandler or IHttpHandlerHSS Interlink - Save a remote file directly to a stream object (FileStream, MemoryStream, etc)