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Open Source C++ FIX (Financial Information eXchange) engine, helping financial institutions easily integrate with each other.




The Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol is a message standard developed to facilitate the electronic exchange of information related to securities transactions. It is supposed to be used among trading partners who wish to automate communication.

That being said, the purpose of FIX is to make communication between financial vendors trivial, leaving them to focus on their core business. The FIX organization also specifically cites that openness has been key to their success. QuickFIX intends on expanding the openness of FIX into not just the specification of, but also the implementation of the protocol.

So what is QuickFIX? Simple. QuickFIX is a free and open source implementation of the FIX protocol. QuickFIX is not crippled, all of the source is open for all supported versions of FIX.


· MSXML3 or libxml2
· Microsoft Visual C++
· MSXML3 or libxml2
Last updated on June 25th, 2014