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Decompile single PYC and PYO Python files or entire directories with the help of this lightweight and easy to configure application

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Easy Python Decompiler provides Python programmers with a simple, yet useful application that can extract the program code of compiled Python files and convert it into a format that can be easily read by the human eye.

A decompiler is the oppsite of a compiler, reconstructing the original source code from a compiled file. It is a very important tool in reverse engineering endeavors, allowing a developer to translate the program in order to avoid rewriting code.

With support for both PYC and PYO formats, this particular decompiler does not require Python to be installed on your computer in order to carry out its task with success.

It makes use of one of the two available byte-code decompilers to process the input files. The first one is Uncompyle2, which relies on a built-in Python interpreter and is only compatible with files generated with Python 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7, converting them back into the original source code.

On the other hand, the other available decompiler, suggestively named Decompyle++, can process files created with any version of Python, from 1.0 to 3.3. However, its error detection accuracy is lower than that of Uncompyle2. Even so, it is set as the default choice in the 'Options' window of Easy Python Decompiler due to the compatibility range.

Easy Python Decompiler displays a stylish window with intelligible options and easy to configure settings. It enables you to process a single file or a whole directory and all the supported files it finds inside, but it does not support sub-folder recursing. Depending on the input file type, the output has one of the two extensions: PYC_DIS or PYO_DIS and it is saved in the same location as the original.

Easy Python Decompiler can reverse engineer PYO and PYC modules. Its reliability resides in the compatibility range, while ease of use makes it suitable for any type of user, be it a beginner or an experienced Python programmer.

Easy Python Decompiler was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on September 22nd, 2015
Easy Python Decompiler - You can decompile a single file or an entire directory using Easy Python Decompiler.Easy Python Decompiler - The Options window allows you to choose between the two available decompilers.

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