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A powerful utility that is designed to provide programmers and developers a handy means of having EXE and DLL files decompiled on the fly

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Building software applications and debugging the classes, strings and any other components that make them function as one unit are closely related because developers often have to glance through the lines of code and identify possible problems before compiling the app.

In case the program was already created and there are some issued that need to be fixed, decompiling it might be the thing to open the way towards identifying and repairing every bug. To aid programmers in this matter, a tool like Interactive Delphi Reconstructor, or IDR in short, can come in quite handy.

Especially tailored to work with applications created in Delphi, this utility provides a lot of useful functions for analyzing and modifying the code. The tabbed interface is well organized, with all the commands easily accessible. The navigation can be done wither with the mouse or by using the function keys to move to the tab you want to reach.

A neat thing about Interactive Delphi Reconstructor is the fact that all the units are colored and obeying a certain code, to make it more easy for anyone to identify standard units from user or trivial units. Also, even the unrecognized bits are highlighted accordingly.

There are many functions hidden in the right-click menu, depending on the currently active tab. This means that it is possible to perform a wide variety of actions for units, types, classes or entry points.

The set of tools that Interactive Delphi Reconstructor comes with includes several generators for comments, MAP and IDC, as well as a class tree builder. In the corresponding menu you will find a KB TypeInfo Viewer, an IDP importer and a most useful Hex to Double converter.

On the whole, this software solution is very well equipped for the tasks it is set to to carry out and will surely prove a valuable helper for developers who need to work on a Delphi program.

Interactive Delphi Reconstructor was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on December 21st, 2013
Interactive Delphi Reconstructor - Interactive Delphi Reconstructor provides quick access to all its commands through a simple interface.Interactive Delphi Reconstructor - With Interactive Delphi Reconstructor you can view types and classes in two separate panes.Interactive Delphi Reconstructor - The forms and names of selected items are also available inside Interactive Delphi Reconstructor.Interactive Delphi Reconstructor - screenshot #4Interactive Delphi Reconstructor - screenshot #5

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