SplineTech VBS Debugger 8.81

Watch Variables, Edit and Debug VBS scripts
SplineTech VBS Debugger - SplineTech VBS Debugger will help you watch Variables, edit and debug VBS scripts
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SplineTech VBS Debugger is an award-winning vbs development tool that enables you to easily edit and debug VBS files, debug VBS scripts and JS scripts.

Native support for JavaScript, Jscript, VBScript and Windows Scripting Host (wscript). VBS Debugger can also set Breakpoints and watch Variables.

Main features:

  • Full featured VBS debugger and editor
  • JavaScript Debugger and Editor (for Windows Scripting Host)
  • JScript Debugger and Editor (for Windows Scripting Host)
  • VBScript Debugger and Editor (for Windows Scripting Host)
  • JS debugger and editor
  • Debug ALL your administration scripts
  • User account scripts
  • Server administration scripts
  • IIS administration scripts
  • Domain management scripts
  • Network scripts
  • Any other scripts written on JavaScript or VBScript
  • Native support for wscript.exe and cscript.exe
  • 100% adjustable, state of the art dockable interface
  • Fast, simple and straightforward installation
  • No manual configuration required
  • No attaching to process needed
  • Monitor all Local Variables and their properties in a new convenient tree structure (PRO Edition Only)
  • Watch all your Local Variables in a new separate Locals Panel (movable dockable internal window)
  • All Local variables appear automatically in a convenient tree structure
  • No need to manually add your Local Variables to watch - they are added automatically
  • Easily change values of your Locals right in the Locals Panel - at any time
  • Check all properties of your Locals as they are updated automatically
  • Watch Expressions and Variables in a new convenient tree structure and change their values as you go (PRO Edition Only)
  • Watch all your Variables and Expressions in a new separate Watch Panel
  • Add/Delete new variables on the go
  • Change variable values with one click
  • Add any Custom Expression and monitor all its properties in a convenient tree structure
  • Monitor the value of any variable in a separate panel (PRO Edition Only)
  • Multi-Functional VBScript and JavaScript Script Editor featuring:
  • Color-coded syntax. This feature can save countless hours, since it helps you quickly spot obvious errors such as missing quotation marks.
  • Full Support for native VBScript and JavaScript syntax
  • Recent Documents List
  • Open Files List (on-screen)
  • Line Numbering
  • Line/Column Position indication
  • Execution Line Highlighting. See the current line of the code to be executed.
  • Open multiple files at once
  • Customizable movable and dockable user interface
  • Unlimited Bookmarks - set bookmarks anywhere you wish throughout your code
  • Integrated Step by Step Debugging Assistant
  • Check what's your next step - how to set a breakpoint etc
  • Short easy to follow hints
  • Hints appear in the upper-left corner of the main window
  • Movable and dockable Hints Panel
  • Very user-friendly explicit Bug Reporting
  • Run-Time Error Handling
  • Runtime errors usually are illogical or incorrect reasoning in your script. I.e. a very common error in JavaScript is mismatched data types - something like trying to perform a mathematical calculation on a data string
  • Set | Clear Breakpoints
  • Step in | Step out | Step over
  • Debug | Go
  • Show Last Error
  • See the exact position where the latest error occurred and the description of that error message - right over your code
  • Variable Watch
  • Enter variables and monitor their values - live
  • Variable Hint - see the value of your variable by moving the mouse over it
  • Expression Evaluation and Watch
  • Monitor complete expressions and watch their values, i.e. 'x+10'
  • Expression Evaluation Hint - see the value of your expression by moving the mouse over it, as you go!
  • Integrated Feedback and Support Tool
  • Get your question answered as-you-go with easy built-in Ask your question button
  • Step-by-Step Multimedia Tutorials and Functional Demonstration

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November 30th, 2012, 3:51 GMT
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Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 2003 / 2008
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SplineTech VBS Debugger

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What's New in This Release:
  • A better installer and a better support for debugging external applications such as SparxSystems Enterprise Architect
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