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An easy to use and reliable XML editor and converter, that enables you to view the complete structure of your schema and selectively edit its lines

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XMLFox Advance is a multi-functional GUI-based application that enables you to author, edit or convert XML schemas. It can open an XML file and allow you to edit each string from a node, modify the script lines as well as create new structures.

Powerful conversion tool

XMLFox Advance is capable of translating the UTF-16 language to other types of encoding, including UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 or WINDOWS-1250. The software can detect the current XML encoding and allows you to select another type of encryption for the schema you are working on. Also, you may perform the conversion in opposite direction, from other encoding types to UTF-16.

Alternatively, XMLFox Advance enables you to export the information contained in a schema as TXT, CSV, HTML, PDF or as a spreadsheet that is compatible with Excel, Access and SQL Server.

Modifying XML files

The software treats any XML file as a relational database, therefore it can display the schema as an expandable grid, as a tree or as a table. You can easily modify script lines, add more nodes or adjust the relationships between instances, as well as associate new information to various items in the database.

Additionally, you may compare and validate an XML schema against an XSD structure located within the XML content or an independent XSD schema. You can easily create a new XSD file or extract it from the XML schema.

Moreover, it offers you the tools for designing tables or adding new rows in an existing structure, in the grid view. You can simply edit the text contained in a cell or a row, then assign it to the XSD schema inside the XML file, before updating the changes. The software also features a validation function that you can use in order to check if the XSD and the XML contents are correct.


XMLFox Advance comes in handy for authoring, editing or converting XML schemas, while offering you a visual representation of the outlook of your document, after modifications. You may view and edit both the XML and the XSD content of a schema, down to changing script lines, as well as validate the XML against the XSD structure.

XMLFox Advance was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 21st, 2015
XMLFox Advance - XMLFox Advance is a powerful tool that enables you to easily view, edit and convert XML and XSD schemas.XMLFox Advance - You can view a XML schema in a tree or grid display and easily edit its script lines in the dedicated tab.XMLFox Advance - The software enables you to extend the nodes of your schema, then edit the text contained in each string.XMLFox Advance - screenshot #4XMLFox Advance - screenshot #5XMLFox Advance - screenshot #6XMLFox Advance - screenshot #7XMLFox Advance - screenshot #8XMLFox Advance - screenshot #9XMLFox Advance - screenshot #10XMLFox Advance - screenshot #11XMLFox Advance - screenshot #12XMLFox Advance - screenshot #13XMLFox Advance - screenshot #14XMLFox Advance - screenshot #15XMLFox Advance - screenshot #16

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