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Hex editing can be accomplished via a number of advanced text tools, which allow you to alter and manipulate the binary data that forms and defines the files on your computer. With the assistance of a hex editor, you will be able to view, inspect and modify the raw contents of any type of file in hexadecimal format.

If you’re ever in need for such a utility, XVI32 fits the job perfectly, because it can deal with very large files, has a built-in data inspector and an efficient script interpreter for automating tasks. It’s completely portable, so you will be able to store it on a removable drive and run it from there, without affecting in any way your system’s registry.

Its looks are best described as simple and learning how to use it is not a complicated process either. Aided by the menus it comes with, you can rest assured that understanding its ins and outs is purely a matter of time. As soon as you load the file you wish to manipulate, you can start performing operations on the binary data using the ‘Edit menu’. The possibilities provided here are to insert or overwrite strings, as well as to block characters, to paste text from the clipboard or to delete data.

The dialogue that allows you to insert strings makes it possible to use plain text or the hex form. You can easily convert from one format to another using the built-in text to hex converter that will save you time and ease your work. Other incorporated utilities include a data inspector, a number encoder/decoder, bit manipulation, a CRC tool, a data shredder and a script interpreter, which will assist you in creating, editing and executing scripts.

XVI32 provides an exciting insight to the exact contents of any file on your computer. It can help you perform editing operations at a binary level and discover the secrets behind simple images or text files.

XVI32 was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on June 29th, 2012
XVI32 - XVI32 will provide users with a Hex editor to quickly and easily edit your executable filesXVI32 - The Edit menu will offer a list of options like Insert / Overwrite string, Block mark or Delete from / to cursorXVI32 - Users will be able to access options such as Jump width, Remember address or Display difference from the Address menuXVI32 - screenshot #4XVI32 - screenshot #5XVI32 - screenshot #6XVI32 - screenshot #7

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