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Display, extract, and rewrite executable files

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eXeScope is a small, yet reliable application designed to provide users with a simple method to extract, edit and rewrite executable files without tampering with the EXE’s functionality.

If you’re a programmer, then situations where you want to unpack and modify an application are surely familiar to you. Rebuilding the application all over again costs time and efforts, not to mention that interfering with the libraries may cause bugs and crashes. To avoid such consequences, you can use eXeScope, a software innovation that makes it possible to customize EXE files on the go.

eXeScope comes in a very light package and does not need installation, which means you can also carry it around on a removable drive to have it at your disposal whenever you need it. The list of supported input formats includes EXE, DLL, OCX, VBX, OLB, SCR, FON and CPL, while the output is exported to Resource files (RC). These can be compiled with third-party applications such as Visual C++ to obtain the repacked executable.

eXeScope’s main window is simple, yet user-friendly, with all of its functions bundled in a few menus. As soon as you add the file to be modified (source code is not needed), the application unpacks, extracts and displays all its resources, which you can handle individually.

Amongst the items you can change, we were able to notice fonts, menus and arrangement of dialogues. You can edit strings, insert or delete new lines and add submenus, to name the most important operations that are allowed. All of these are performed directly inside the code.

In conclusion, eXeScope is a decent choice for developers who are looking to modify the code without much effort. Its greatest upside is that the source code is not required to perform the changes. It’s user-friendly, easy to use and targets all user audiences.

eXeScope was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on March 19th, 2013
eXeScope - From the main user interface of eXeScope you can load an application and start altering it.eXeScope - Use the File menu of eXeScope to open, close, import or export your projects.eXeScope - In the Edit menu of eXeScope you can switch between interface styles or record a log.eXeScope - From the View menu users can select the font to use, open the Dialog Editor or choose to view the information as Unicode.

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