AQtime 6.21

A performance profiler and memory allocation debugger for 32 and 64 bit Windows and .NET-connected applications.

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What's new in AQtime 6.0:

  • Profiling scripts. Now you can use AQtime to profile scripts executed by the Microsoft Scripting Engine. These, for example, include VBScript and JScript routines located on web pages as well as TestComplete scripts. To profile a script, you should launch the host application under AQtime and then execute the script in that application. AQtime recognizes the script’s activity and reports its results along with the application results. Currently, scripts can be profiled with the Performance, Coverage and Function Trace profilers. For more information about this, see Profiling Scripts.
  • Optimization of function parameters retrieval. The Function Trace profiler has been optimized to increase its performance when gathering the values of function call parameters. In previous versions, these values were collected from the entire application if the Get parameter info profiler option was enabled. As a result, a lot of memory was required to collect the results, which slowed down the profiling process significantly.
  • In AQtime ver. 6, this feature is in the profiling area settings. Now including areas have the Retrieve parameter values property. If the property is enabled, the Function Trace profiler only logs the actual parameter values for the functions that belong to the area. Thus, the profiler only inspects the routines you are interested in.
  • Filtering out standard units. Most development environments include their standard libraries in applications. The library routines perform a lot of auxiliary tasks, interact with classes and controls, draw forms, and so on. However, generally, profiling of standard units does not make a lot of sense, since their code cannot be modified. To only focus on your code, you can exclude standard libraries from profiling. This functionality can be enabled via the Exclude standard source files option, or via the Exclude Standard Source Files button of the Setup panel.
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5 AQtime Screenshots:
AQtime - This is AQtime's main window that displays the four major panels, the Setup, the Event viewer, Report and Explorer.AQtime - This is the Project menu from which you can easily add modules, areas, action and triggers or you can select files to ignoreAQtime - The General Preferences dialog is used to configure certain aspects of the profiling process and specify how to work with recently used projectsAQtime - You can specify how the Performance profiler gathers statistics for threads in the profiled application from Performance Profiler tab in the Options windowAQtime - Disassembler Panel from the Options window allows you to modify the way that AQtime will check the binary code of your routines independent of the compiler, version or library behind this code.
AQtime is the next generation of AutomatedQA's award-winning performance profiling and memory debugging toolset for Microsoft, Borland, Intel, Compaq and GNU compilers.

This new version combines the benefits of our flagship product AQtime (geared towards profiling of Win32 applications) and AQtime for .NET (the first performance and memory allocation profiler for the Microsoft .NET platform). Like its predecessors, AQtime 4 helps you easily isolate and eliminate all performance issues and memory/resource leaks within your code by generating comprehensive and detailed reports for your .NET and Win32 applications.

AQtime is designed with one key objective - to help you completely understand how your programs perform during execution. Using its integrated set of performance and debugging profilers, AQtime collects crucial performance and memory/resource allocation information at runtime and delivers it to you both in summarized and detailed forms, with all of the tools you need to begin the optimization process. From customized filters and graphical call hierarchies down to source code views.

With AQtime's instrumentation in hand, you will know the exact cause of speed, memory usage, and application usability issues in your programs. As you optimize and improve your code, AQtime gives you all the tools to compare and merge results so that over time, an exact and accurate "picture" of your application's state takes shape. You will soon discover that AQtime is an invaluable PERFORMANCE WATCHDOG.

Last updated on November 5th, 2009

Runs on: Windows All

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