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An intuitive GUI for the Avrdude console application that enables you to easily flash the memory of an AVR microcontroller and program it

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AVRdude GUI is a front-end for the AVRdude application, providing a more user-friendly working environment for those who are working with AVR microcontrollers. Instead of having to write commands in a console interface, you can use AVRdude GUI to configure all the options within a simple and intuitive interface.

Bundles all the advantages of the console program

The application covers the entire feature set of the console version, offering support for a variety of hardware devices, such as AT90CAN, AT90PWM, AT90USB, ATMEGA, ATtiny and many more.

Before proceeding with microcontroller programming, you are advised to automatically erase the flash drive. AVRdude GUI is compatible with Intel Hex, raw binary files and Motorola S-Record files for both input and output and as such, can be used for manipulating the ROM and the EEPROM memory of AVR hardware components.

Various configuration possibilities

Just like with the console-based program, the list of supported programmer interfaces is not disappointing at all, offering you a variety of alternatives to choose from. Its compatibility range includes both serial and parallel port bit-banging programmers, as well as USB programmers and other types.

AVRdude GUI enables you to indicate what port the programmer is connected to by choosing between COM1, COM2, COM3, LTP1 or LTP2 ports. It can extract data concerning the lock, fuse and calibration bits of the connected device, while also providing editing functionality.

Flash and program microcontroller memory the easy way

Relying on the in-system programming method, AVRdude GUI offers assistance in writing firmware files to the microcontroller flash, also providing options for verifying the EEPROM memory.

Its greatest advantage with respect to the console application is the user-friendly graphical front-end, which makes it more intuitive and appealing to those who simply reject the idea of working with the console or are not accustomed to its commands.

AVRdude GUI was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 4th, 2014
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