Adobe InDesign API Navigator

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A useful helper for developing InDesign plugins




Adobe InDesign API Navigator is a development tool for InDesign C++ plug-in developers. It works as an add-in for Visual Studio on Windows and makes the IDE  more powerful for InDesign C++ plug-in development.

The tool helps developers get API information within the IDE directly, including Boss definitions, aggregating Bosses for an interface, and ODFRC type definitions. It adds syntax coloring for ODFRC files (.fr and .fh).

It also extends the debugger expression evaluator to understand some InDesign types. This allows the debugger to format some InDesign types nicely in the variables pane (Xcode) or watch window (Visual Studio) while debugging. These types include: PMString, WideString, ErrorCode, WidgetID, ClassID, PMIID, ImplementationID, PluginID, ServiceID, ScriptID, and ActionID.

The InDesign API Navigator enables Visual Studio to browse InDesign C++ APIs (jump to InDesign C++ header files). It currently supports only the English language version of IDE.

Give Adobe InDesign API Navigator a try to see how useful it can be for developing InDesign plugins!

Last updated on May 10th, 2010