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A simple and easy to use software solution that enables you to organize and manage code snippets from various programming languages

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In order to develop applications, certain programmers save a lot of code blocks that they found interesting and useful. Certain problems or inconveniences may appear when you have too many code files saved in the same place, as finding a certain snippet can be difficult. The same goes for scattered code files, as you need to explore all your directories in order to find a specific snippet.

Luckily there are certain applications, such as Code Bank, that allow you to save and organize your favorite code snippets, regardless of the programming language used. The program will function properly as long as Adobe AIR is installed on your computer.

Powerful code snippet manager that offers support for multiple programming languages

Code Bank works as a repository for your favorite code block and snippets, supporting syntax highlight for various programming languages and IDEs, such as Django, Eclipse, Flex or Flash Develop.

Furthermore, all saved code snippets are structured by the programming language used, so you will have no trouble finding your favorite code blocks. You can also compare the revision history of certain snippets side by side, in order to observe any changes in the code structure.

Advanced source file export settings and snippet database management

Code Bank offers you the the possibility to export any saved code snippet as source files specific to the programming language used. This feature helps you seamlessly create source files for any project or package on the fly, without having to use a specialized IDE.

A handy and intuitive feature of the application gives you the possibility to store your code snippets in a local or server-based database. This way, you can access your code from other machines, by connecting to your database.

A seamlessly easy to use code snippet repository with elegant interface

Code Bank helps you easily save and manage your favorite code snippets, regardless of the programming language used to create them.

Code Bank was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on January 4th, 2015
Code Bank - The application allows users to save and manage code snippets written in various programming languages.Code Bank - By accessing the New Snippet tab, users can add code blocks by specifying the title, description and language used.Code Bank - From the Preferences tab, users can easily select the default syntax highlight style.Code BankCode BankCode BankCode Bank

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