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A simple and easy to use application designed to provide you with Delphi source code so you can complete your application more quickly

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Delphi Programming Helper is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software that provides you with various bits of Delphi source code meant to help developers who use this language to complete the work more swiftly.

Clean and practical appearance

Following the download operation, you can simply decompress the archive and run the EXE file, as the tool experiences a quick and easy installation procedure, so you can work immediately after.

Delphi Programming Helper’s looks are fairly simple, the main window displaying three sections, specifically ‘Tutorials’, ‘Code Snippets / Examples’ and ‘References’, the last of which requires Internet access.

Effortlessly integrate pre-made strings of Delphi code in your app

In the ‘Tutorials’ section of the utility, you can find some basic information about the Delphi programming language, as well as a link pointing you to its download location.

The ‘Code Snippets / Examples’ tab of Delphi Programming Helper features ‘Shell Execute / Opening Files’ and ‘Taskbar / Start Menu / Toolbars’ code strings.

These can be reviewed and integrated in your app in order to have it 'Open Web Site', 'Send An Email', 'Open Notepad', 'Open A File Within A Folder' or 'Open Batch Files', as well as 'Open Files According To The File Extension', and several more.

After pressing on the preferred button, the corresponding code is displayed in the main window, allowing you to copy it to clipboard, using proper hotkeys, then paste it in your document, where you can further edit it to meet your particular needs.

Delphi Programming Helper also features a set of menus that allow you to obtain a string of code for opening Windows Accessories (such as Calculator, Notepad, Sync Center, Magnifier, On-Screen Keyboard, etc) or which can help you app ‘Open Taskbar’, ‘Enable Start Button’ or ‘Enable AutoHide Taskbar’, and others.

A handy Delphi development assistant

In conclusion, Delphi Programming Helper proves to be a useful and effective utility that can offer you various pieces of source code along with details about the software development language, enabling you develop your apps faster, this way saving you significant time and effort in the process.

Delphi Programming Helper was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 14th, 2015
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