Driver Loader

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With the aid of this lightweight application, users will be able to load a Windows driver to kernel for the current session alone

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Driver Loader makes for an unconventional way to load drivers to the kernel, as it allows you to perform this action for the current session alone, up until the next reboot.

The program is fit for scenarios where a certain driver is required for temporary use, such as when you want to test the OS’s compatibility with it. The process is carried out differently than a traditional driver installation, which means there will be no leftovers after you restart the computer.

Driver Loader is packed in an extremely lightweight archive and adopts a command line approach, which might pose some discomfort to some users, especially beginners. However, usage is quite simple, as few parameters need to be specified on your side.

In order to get a few tips insofar as the handling of its options is concerned, simply open a command line window and drag the EXE file onto it. The typical launch schema needs to be in accordance with the following instructions: drvload.exe path_of_bin_file [driver name] [-u].

Most of the arguments are pretty clear, except for the [-u] part. This is an option that sets the program to prevent the driver from loading into the kernel and is an optional parameter.

The changes performed by the program are available for the current session alone, which means they will be reverted during the next startup, leaving your computer clean of driver traces.

In conclusion, Driver Loader comes across as a nifty little utility through which you can test drivers with a very low footprint on system resources. The modifications are temporary, therefore various incompatibility issues between drivers and the OS can be avoided.

Driver Loader was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 18th, 2014
Driver Loader