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An efficient and reliable application developed to run test on your software the way a regular user would and determine if there are any errors

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OpCEM is an advanced and comprehensive software solution developed to provide you with the proper means of testing your products through virtual robots, that can behave similar to a real user, in the attempt to discover if there are any problems or errors.

After an installation process that is quite uneventful, you can launch the utility from the desktop icon that is creates and use it right away. The tool is quite complex, but after a while of working with it, you will be able to figure out how to handle it properly and benefit from its functions to the fullest.

OpCEM or Customer Experience Management is meant to simulate an actual user's behavior through a robot. As such, you can create one for every product you want to investigate, by giving it a name and selecting the file that you target.

Subsequently, you need to set up all the required steps through which the robot needs to pass, in order to fully determine the existence of any issues. You can add any number of steps, and grab a screenshot for each one, as well as input other details, such as commands or arguments. The robot is supposed to run on a dedicated server, as it requires a controlled environment.

Once finalized, you can launch your robot and it can point, click, type or browse through your software in order to evaluate its performance and gather information about its every function and feature. A robot can be executed any number of times, until you have made sure that your program is in optimal shape.

To conclude, OpCEM is a reliable application that offers advanced tools for testing your software, web products and other similar items, in order to collect step by step information about the way they are supposed to function and the encountered errors or difficulties.

OpCEM was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 18th, 2014
OpCEM - The main window of OpCEM allows you to create new robots or run the existing onesOpCEM - From the Global Configuration window, you can set the Robot name and choose the targeted fileOpCEM - The Basic Settings window enables you to five the current step a name and capture a corresponding region on your desktopOpCEM

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