Swift XML Converter2.0.0.2868

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A fast and reliable application that allows you to extract data from XML and create queries for Excel, Access, CSV, TXT and HTML






Swift XML Converter gives you the possibility to extract data from XML files and export it to suitable queries for Excel, Access or CSV.

Easily handles large and complex XML files without large memory requirements. Elements and Attributes in XML are automatically mapped to tables and columns. Builds relationships between extracted tables to mirror XML structure using primary and foreign keys.

No user intervention required for shredding the XML to tables. Query & extract selected data from XML without having to learn XPath, XSL, etc. Exports XML tables as MS Excel worksheets or MS Access tables.
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
Swift XML Converter - The application allows you to process XML data and convert it to content suitable for Excel, Access or CSV.Swift XML Converter - While in the File menu, you can import XML files or open previously saved projects.