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Easily create forms by combining a large variety of objects and get ahold of corresponding C++ and Python code to implement in your projects

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Besides hosting some of the most popular entertainment and social platforms, the Internet can also be used for transactions, with personal detail requirements. Specialized forms need to be filled in, with details being stored on secure servers. Creating such forms is easily done, and without any coding, with applications like wxFormBuilder.

Intuitive and well-structured interface

Although packed with an abundance of editing an analysis tools, the interface manages to sport a pretty clean and organized look. The center area serves as your preview sections, with tabs that display corresponding code generated for C++ or Python, as well as side panes which provide quick access to created elements and specific options.

Various preset objects to use

As mentioned above, no coding knowledge is required to design visual aspect and functions while using the application. Components you can include in your project are delimited by tabs that hold common buttons and text fields, additional objects, containers, menus, toolbars, layout, as well as the basic window forms.

Thorough customization options

Editing on the other hand, can only be properly done after some time spent getting acquainted with dedicated features. Interacting with objects you place in the workspace is slightly limited to adjusting window size, selection and only a few more options.

For greater detail and functionality, a handful of values need to be adjusted in the properties panel. Each object comes with a specific set of characteristics that can be handled, such as text style, positioning, visibility and more.

Define events and triggers

Depending on the type of form or application you want to build, you sooner or later end up in the events section. This is where actions and consequences are managed, but some degree of knowledge is required to provide the necessary commands for when a button is pressed, for example.

The application does not come equipped with a personal compiler, so the only useful output is programming code. All your actions generate a piece of text that you can later on use either in C++ or Python. This allows you to easily embed forms or even parts of applications in your projects.

To end with

All in all, wxFormBuilder can come in handy if you need to create specialized forms but don't really have a solid programming knowledge. All sorts of customizable buttons, layouts, menus and toolbars can be added with a single mouse click, while the generated code can easily be integrated into more complex apps or compiled into a final form.

wxFormBuilder was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on October 22nd, 2014
wxFormBuilder - The main window of wxFormBuilder enables you to access the application's options.wxFormBuilder - If you want to import XRC you will use the file menu that wxFormBuilder  offers.