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An easy to use piece of software that can come in handy to any programmer who is looking to analyze a file, determine its type and packer

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Detect It Easy is an application that has been built as a packer identifier in order to help define a file type. It’s a utility that is easy to handle, quick on its feet and provides a wide range of tools.

A tool that is delivered in multiple versions

Detect It Easy comes as an application which does not require any kind of installation. You simply unpack it and whenever you need it, it’s ready to go. The application is presented in three forms, each proving handy for different types of users and situations.

It’s delivered in ‘Basic’, ‘Lite’ and ‘Console’ versions, each having specific advantages. The Lite version only provides basic functionality such as identifying the file type while the Console version offers the entire feature package but it needs to be used from the Command Line interface which is intended for experienced users.

With the above to consider, you’ll probably use the Basic version in most cases as it does provide an intuitive interface, easily accessible features and a lot of handy tools.

Quickly and accurately identify file types

To obtain information on a file, all you have to do is drag it over the main window of the application into the ‘File Name’ field and the application immediately displays the results. Detect It Easy is built with an open architecture of signatures and enables you to create and add your own detection algorithms.

Detect It Easy can define types such as MSDOS, PE, ELF, TXT and Binary and all of their information is made available in an easy to read manner. If what is provided in the main window isn’t enough, a few more clicks can bring out extremely detailed data.

Practical packet identifier

To sum things up, Detect It Easy comes in three flavors which offer everything you need in order to identify a file and extract necessary information.

Detect It Easy was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 11th, 2015
Detect It Easy - From the main window of Detect It Easy you are able to load files and determine their type.Detect It Easy - From the Scripts tab, a user is able to load predefined scripts,  as well as run and debug them.Detect It Easy - Detect It Easy also allows you to add custom plugins that can be used with the app by accessing the Plugins section.Detect It EasyDetect It EasyDetect It EasyDetect It EasyDetect It Easy

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